What Should You LearnDuring Microsoft AZ-301 Exam Preparation for Great Results? Practice Tests Are Here as Always!

Currently, becoming a professional architect is the most important job title in the field of IT. Having a certification in such an area helps you display your knowledge and skills in different stages of IT roles. Some of these roles include visualization, data management, budgeting, security, networking, governance, disaster recovery, and identity. To obtain such a prestigious certificate, you must pass the relevant exams. Microsoft gives you a chance to earn one of the well-known credentials through the Microsoft AZ-301 test.

This is the second exam to take for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certificate. The first one is Microsoft AZ-300. The newest Microsoft certification program covers three different levels, such as Fundamentals, Associate, and Expert. The test we’re discussing in this article leads one to the credential of the Expert level. Use our guide to understand the details of the Microsoft AZ-301 exam and what you need to learn to get great results.


Exam basics

The Microsoft AZ-301 exam comprises of 40-60 questions that are presented in various formats, such as hot area, multiple-choice, mark review, build a list, case studies, etc. The duration to complete the test is 150 minutes, and its price is $165. You’re required to get 700 marks out of the possible 1000 for your exam to be marked as a pass.

In order to successfully pass this certification test, it is important to maintain the weight associated with each exam topic when preparing for Microsoft AZ-301.

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The topics covered in the Microsoft AZ-301 exam are somehow hard to ace. But Microsoft has designed a breakdown of subjects for the candidates starting their preparation process. Here is an outline of the objectives with the relevant percentage in the test:

1. Determination of workload requirements

This module covers 10-15% of the questions and comes in three sections. The first part entails collecting data and prerequisites from different Azure sources. This includes roles, such as identifying compliance requirements, access and identity management, and service-oriented architects. The next stage entails the optimization of a consumption strategy. The last area teaches you how to create a monitoring and auditing strategy.

2.Design for identity and security

This section covers 20-25% of the entire questions in the test. It includes subsections such as design for identity management and design for authentication and authorization. Others are designing risk prevention strategies and lasting design for a monitoring strategy.


3.Development of data platform solutions

The topic comes with 15-20% of the questions in the exam. The module is meant for measuring one’s competence in designing strategies in various aspects such as data management, data protection, and also developing & monitoring a plan for the data platform.

4.Development of business continuity strategies

This part covers 15-20% of the questions presented in the exam. In this section, you must exhibit your skills in areas, such as creating recovery strategies, creation of data archiving strategy, and designing disaster recovery strategies.

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5.Design for migration, deployment, and integration

In this section, you will get 10-15% of the questions. It entails the design of the implementation, relocations, and API incorporation strategies in the Azure infrastructures.

6.Development of infrastructure strategies

The module covers 15-20 % of the questions. This topic area contains several sub-topics, including the development of computing, storage, monitoring, and storage strategies for the Azure infrastructure.

Effective preparation strategies

You can pick any strategy you want in order to kick-start your preparation process. Next, we share some of the best approaches and guidelines that will help you ace the Microsoft AZ-301 exam.

  • Use the official Microsoft Learning webpage

The official webpage for the Microsoft AZ-301 test is one of the effective study guides for your preparation process. This platform offers essential information you require to prepare for the exam. Thus, you need to begin your preparation with this official website of Microsoft. Besides, all the updates associated with the test are published here before they are posted elsewhere. Make sure you check out this page regularly.

  • Search for study guides

Unfortunately, there’s a shortage of reliable study guides and white papers from reliable platforms that can be used during exam preparation. But if you use the best searching method, you will get useful study guides. These books offer authentic details that will help you get ready to take the test. A good example is Exam AZ-300 & AZ-301 Study & Lab Guide Part 1. The manual is available on Amazon.

  • Join exam forums and study groups
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Study groups and online forums are the most inexpensive method that will help you study for the exam with ease. There are numerous forums that give you a chance to post a question related to the Microsoft AZ-301 test. Some professionals will help you find the answer to your question. Microsoft offers you a chance to get access to a dedicated study group where you’ll interact with the IT experts.

  • Take an instructor-led training

Microsoft has created instructor-led training courses to help the candidates prepare for their exams. For instance, you can opt for the AZ-301T01 course that offers valuable skills in security management and identification in the Azure infrastructure.

  • Practice with mock tests

Make sure you get the updated practice tests that will help you understand the structure of the actual exam and increase your confidence levels. These tests are accessible on many reliable platforms such as Exam-Labs. This website also offers other online study materials, including video courses, study guides, and free exam dumps. This is to ensure you get the best prep experience for your test.


Passing the Microsoft AZ-301 exam proves your competence in technologies related to the Azure world and helps you stand out. In fact, the Azure SolutionsArchitect role is one of the job opportunities with high demand in the IT sector. It has maximum pay and offers excellent growth potential. Once you pass this certification test, you become a certified Azure professional with the possibility of accessing great job opportunities. To achieve this, you must align your exam preparation methods to meet today’s demands.