What to Look for in a Ping Pong Table

You may be a pro player or someone who wants entertainment inside the home. If so, a ping pong table can be the next addition inside your playroom. Learn more about how this is played on this site here. When it comes to choosing the equipment involved in ping pong, know that there will be hundreds of them for everyone. You may want to find something that will suit your needs.

You need to determine whether you need an outdoor or indoor table. Also, select between sturdiness and design, and if you are buying this for others, would they be able to use it? You may want to play with your neighboring friends, and if this is the case, portability may matter to you. Some most likely want a racket holder, and they pay attention to the quality of the bounce.

What to Know Before Buying?

You need to have a room where you can exclusively set the ping pong table. Know the dimensions of the standard regulation ping pong table and get one accordingly. This will prevent a lot of headaches in the future. 

Know that there are non-standard and official regulation types of tables. The non-regulations are often used for recreational entertainment and fun games. However, if you want to practice for competition, you need to have a regulation size that’s mandated according to the International Table Tennis Federation. Almost any other choice in the market will be a standard size.

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The size of table tennis or ping pong table is the following: 30in x 60in x 108in or 2.5ft x 5ft x 9ft.

The recreational ones may have different sizes, and they often come with smaller dimensions. The non-standard sizes can come with their features and variations depending on the manufacturers. However, the most common sizes you may come across are 30in x 36in x 72in or 2.5ft x 5ft x 9ft.

About the Playing Area

You need to have space for the table and around it so the players can move freely. The recommended area should be at least 4 to 5 feet on each side so that everyone can make the moves comfortably. If you live in a small home, you can hold off buying and look for another room where you can set it up.

It’s strongly recommended to figure out the available space inside your office or home before you decide to buy. For example, it’s ideal for a home set-up if the tables are situated far away from anything that will break. Expensive or fragile items should not be in the room initially and should be moved to other areas for protection.

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Another thing is that the whole placement of the table will affect the ones that will play. Most people’s concerns are the noise level, so the entire thing should be isolated enough so the others inside a house or an office won’t be distracted.

Other Considerations

Many of the areas outdoors will have more spaces, and the players will move freely. This is something to consider when setting up your table. Another thing is if you have ample space in your backyard, it’s a great idea to play ping pong there so that everyone can breathe fresh air. Read articles about introduction to ping pong in this link: https://www.realbuzz.com/articles-interests/sports-activities/article/introduction-to-table-tennis/.

However, too much wind and sunlight can make the play more complicated. Natural barriers like trees or walls can help if your property is located in a windy site so you can minimize the effects of nature. Consider the ground where the table is situated, and it should have a level surface. The dirt or grass can absorb the shock when playing, but they will give the players a hard time moving when they are playing. 

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Who are the Opponents?

Know that ping pong involves two people, and someone in the family or one of your friends should often come over to play. Otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot of considerable money for nothing. If you’re considering this game for your office, you need to know if employees are interested in playing this.

If you have friends and families fond of this fast-paced game as their way to have fun and exercise, this is worth buying. Some may be very passionate about ping pong and may find it challenging to find someone who’s feeling the same way. You can get involved with a local club or get a real playing partner if you’re into tournaments, so you get the most value out of your money.

Many of the players in a community will pool the money to buy the pieces of equipment for matches. These are excellent ways for players who have limited budgets in general, as the cost-sharing will give them more flexibility. Discuss the usage sharing before purchasing the table to make everything easy.