Why Kids Hoverboards Are Ireland’s Most Popular Kids Toy

Once in a while, there is a product that takes the world by storm. Back in the 60s, that was the skateboard. Everyone wanted to have one, and it was a great way to get around. It was a new idea gaining popularity, and you wanted to be part of the crowd.

The same thing happened when fidget spinners came about. It was a relatively simple toy that had a fixed center and spinning sides. Everyone enjoyed the simplicity, and it wasn’t long before people started doing tricks with them. Whenever something new pops up, trends and tricks begin to follow. Click here to read more.

Everyone wants to start a new trend because it’s the coolest thing around. The same thing happened with hoverboards. They came out of nowhere, the technology inside them was outstanding and futuristic, and they were useful at the same time. We’re going to take a look at how they captured the eyes of the general public.

Back To the Future

The word hoverboard started to gain traction when the movie Back To The Future was released. It was a box office hit, and one of the main characters uses a hovering board to get around when they travel into the “future,” which was the year 2015.

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Since we still don’t have the technology to create a real-life replica of the movie item, manufacturers settled for the next best thing, and they placed it at an affordable price. Celebrities started using these machines, and when people searched for them online, they realized that they could afford them too.

This was one of the rare times in the past couple of decades when a phenomenon like this happened. You could give your kid a New Year’s or a birthday present that their favorite YouTubers were promoting. Since they were already available and affordable, this attributed to their outstanding popularity.

One of the reasons for the relatively low price is the competitiveness between companies. No one has the copyrights to this machine, which makes capitalism do the rest. Competitors start dishing out better versions at lower prices so they can make a profit, and the public benefits.

Soon after the first ones were released, newer versions with Bluetooth speakers started going out, and it wasn’t long before LED lights were introduced. You could look at Mike Tyson and Justin Bieber riding on kids hoverboards, and you could do the same in the living room. In fact, if you put some more effort into it, you would probably be better at it than they were.

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A great way to get around

Unlike a car, the hoverboard is a completely eco-friendly way to get from one place to another. It runs on the same kinds of batteries that we have in our phones and laptops. That means they’re rechargeable and good for the environment since they don’t give off any pollutants.

When the battery gets low, you plug it in a socket and wait for it to charge. Additionally, there are tons of tricks that you can do to make your ride more enjoyable. Before you try them out, it’s important to make sure that you got some safety equipment on.

It’s a board with two wheels and a motor, and if you lose a bit of balance, you can fall pretty easily. A helmet and some elbow and knee pads would be sufficient. For beginners, the best trick is the spin. This is where you try to spin in circles in the same spot. Follow this link for more info https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/lifestyle/consumer/what-made-hoverboards-rise-in-popularity/03/04/.

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You might get dizzy the first time you try it, so it’s nice to have someone around to watch over you and help you if you start losing balance. As soon as you master it, you can try adding more showmanship. Squatting down makes you faster, and you can try holding on to one of the bumpers.

It’s even better if you can manage to do it with one foot. Finally, when you wish to raise things to a higher level, you can try jumping in the air and landing on the board again. All of the people that watch from the sides will be amazed, and you’ll add some fun and exercise to your travel.