Why Your Business Should Side With Chatbots

Across all industries, companies must ensure that their customers have efficient ways of interacting with their brand. That’s the reason many organizations release apps. The problem is, while an app may make it easier to take advantage of a company’s services, it doesn’t offer a personal or conversational experience.

You want your customers to feel as though they’re truly connecting with your brand. An app may not offer that experience, but a chatbot platform can. Thanks to recent technological innovations, chatbots can simulate the experience of talking to an actual person with a greater degree of realism than ever before. Here are just a few key reasons to invest in one instead of an app.

Customers Don’t Have to Download Anything

There are over 2 million mobile apps currently available just on Apple’s App Store. That number is rising every single day. Trying to convince users to download your program isn’t easy when they have so many other options from which to choose.

After all, apps take up space on a user’s device. They can also be expensive. Releasing a successful app in such a competitive market is difficult.

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You don’t need to worry about that with chatbots. You can develop one that’s accessible through programs your customers already use, like Facebook Messenger. According to a recent survey, more than half of current Messenger users expect to interact with the platform even more regularly in the future. Leveraging existing popular tools to reach customers is often smarter than trying to develop your own.

Being able to launch the product on existing platforms means that developing a chatbot is typically less expensive than developing an app. This substantially reduces the amount of time and resources need to create it. Creating a strong chatbot does require some financial investment, but the technology provides high returns.

Chatbots Help You Save Money

Apps help companies earn extra revenue. Chatbots do the same, with the added benefit of helping companies save money as well.

For instance, a chatbot could allow companies to spend less money on hiring customer service representatives. Chatbots can respond to the same issues a human representative would, with much greater efficiency and availability. This isn’t just speculation: Experts have predicted that by 2022, chatbots will reduce annual business costs by $8 billion.

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Chatbots Are Easy to Use

No matter how sophisticated an app’s UX design is, it’s no match to the convenience of interacting with someone (or something) that can respond directly to your requests. Instead of finding a feature or service on an app, customers can simply ask a chatbot to direct them right to it.

For instance, he VICELAND app for VICE allows users to call up a full show schedule through a simple command. If they highlight any favorite shows, the chatbot reminds them of what time they air.

Customers Develop Emotional Connections


Customers can develop an emotional attachment with a company if its brand is clearly defined. After all, a brand is essentially a company’s personality.

Aside from interacting with an actual human being, nothing conveys personality more realistically than a chatbot. Look into partnering with a professional who can ensure the finished product has its own individual traits that reflect your brand’s values.

Bots Gather Information

When a customer asks a chatbot questions, the bot doesn’t merely answer them. It also learns more about that individual customer and files away the material for future use. This means your organization can constantly gather information about your audience, while also learning how to better tailor your services to the needs and preferences of each user.

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Chatbots Are Improving

Again, the technology that drives chatbots is constantly improving. Soon, more organizations will recognize the benefits of leveraging these tools. Customers will eventually expect more and more companies to offer the same degree of convenient service.

Don’t fall behind by relying on outdated ways of serving customers. Embrace chatbot tech now, and offer your clients the best possible service before the competition does. Just make sure you hire qualified professionals to help; they’ll develop the best product for your needs.