Will Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Beat the iPhone 5

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is Samsung’s response to Apple’s iPhone 5, and many people are waiting with bated breath for the release of this new phone on the 24th of October. You may find that this phone will be just the thing for you if you’re an Android user, though there are certainly some things that just can’t triumph over the iPhone. Here are some things that the Samsung phone has over the iPhone, as well as ways that it just doesn’t stack up:

Why Buy the Galaxy Note 2

When it comes to display size, the Galaxy Note 2 wins, hands down. While the iPhone has a display that barely reaches 4 inches in diameter, the Galaxy Note 2 has a stellar 5.5 inches of screen real estate. For those that watch movies, play games, and want to do so on a larger screen, go Samsung.

Multi-tasking is something that the iPhone doesn’t offer, but Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich OS makes it easier for you to use a number of apps at the same time. You will be able to use the split screen view to use two apps at once, and you will find that it will run like a dream thanks to the 1.5 GHz processor and 2 GB of ram found in the Galaxy Note 2.

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Google has its own Google Maps application, and it’s featured on the new Samsung phone. Everyone knows how bad the Apple Maps app has been, so the fact that Google allows you to use their map in an app makes the Samsung phone a winner.

The Samsung comes with the regular amount of storage space, but you will actually be able to use Micro SD cards to expand your storage up to 128 GB. This is double what the limited Apple storage offers, so you’re getting a much better deal in terms of storage.

The S-Pen is something that is offered only by the Galaxy Note, and you will find that it will make your life a lot easier once you learn to use it. The Pen works like any regular tablet stylus, and pulling it out of the built-in pen holder will open up options that the iPhone just can’t offer.

Why Buy the iPhone 5

When it comes to quality of construction, there’s nothing like the iPhone 5. It feels solid in your hands, and it will be a comfortable device to hold thanks to its smaller size. It isn’t as heavy, but it definitely will feel better built than the Galaxy Note.

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You can carry it around in your pocket – something that can’t be said for the Galaxy Note – as it’s just the right size. It also has a much tougher shell and glass, and the plastic used for the Samsung phone just can’t compete.

The camera on the iPhone is something that Samsung can dream about competing with, as the iPhone 5 camera is about as good as it gets – despite the purple haze. The Galaxy Note 2 uses the same camera as the older model, while the iPhone 5 gets a camera upgrade.

The price of the iPhone is a bit lower than the Galaxy Note 2, though some networks will offer them for a similar price. You can save about $100 if you select the iPhone with the right coverage.

Apple’s apps just can’t be beat yet, and the truth is that the apps sold in the Apple store are the best of the best. Google’s getting close, but there’s nothing like Apple apps.

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