Windows or iOS or Android-Which Mobile OS Would You Like To Go For?

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If you compare the smartphones with the smartphones that released a few years ago, you can find that most of the smartphones possess the features of a computer. The advancements of the smartphones are directly proportional to the apps being used and advanced apps can only be used, if the platforms are advanced. iOS 6, Android and Windows are the mobile operating systems that compete with one another to outsmart the rest two in the market, to gain more potential customers. Let us see all the three mobile O.S. in detail.


Windows 8 provides a platform that consists of apps arranged in tiled interface, and the apps can be squeezed in size to accommodate more apps on the home screen.

The home screen of iOS has a grid of apps that can be swiped along. It also has Siri that sets it apart from other operating systems. If your iOS phone is in your kid’s hands, then you do not have to worry, as you can lock the places, where you do not want your kid to reach.

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Android platform concentrates on widgets on its home screen. These widgets can, also be resized, to accommodate more on the home screen. You can remove the widgets by swiping the screen upward in the ‘edit mode’.


Windows 8 was supposed to work with Bing Maps, which didn’t go a long way and then, it has brought in the Nokia Maps. It has 3D map navigation.

Traditionally, iOS had been using Google Maps, but after sometime Apple decided to use its own Maps that is not as useful as Google Maps. Apple Maps provides turn by turn navigation, 3D Maps and satellite view.

Google’s mapping service is the most preferred one. It provides all that you can think with the Maps, like: street view, indoor mapping, 3D mapping service and more. It is a real guide for pedestrians and motorists, as it even guides you when you need to start to reach your destination.

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Microsoft has worked on getting a new look of the camera, and you can control all the settings of the camera with a single button on it. It is also set to bring in the Pure View Technology.

iOS has maintained the simplicity of the camera, with the settings being automatically arranged. You need to tap on the screen, in order to focus on the image.

You can see many advanced changes with Android 4.1. It is faster than its previous versions, as it makes editing of images simpler. There are various modes, using which you can customize your images. You can also enjoy panoramic shot with Android 4.1 camera.

These are few of the features of these mobile operating systems. However, it is always about users’ satisfaction. Certain users are satisfied with Android however, you may find others more comfortable with iOS or Windows. So, it is the user who has to decide, which features of mobile O.S. satisfy their needs.

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