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You are welcome to write guest posts for Husher. Your article will be exposed to all the readers with your bio.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guest Posting on Husher:

1. What do I get for writing a guest post at Husher?

A. You get full credit for your posts with author bio and link backs to your website or blog.

2. How many link backs will you provide me?

A. You will be given 1 or 2 link backs in the author bio depending on the quality of your post. No links will be given in body of the post.

3. Will the link backs be dofollow?

A. We used to give dofollow link backs but due to excessive amount of spam posts submitted in order to gain link juice, we do not offer dofollow link backs. Only Elite Contributors are allowed to have dofollow links. Scroll down for more information on becoming an Elite Contributor.

Rules and Regulations:

1. The articles you submit to us should not be copied or reproduced from others.

2. No advertisements or referral links allowed in posts.

3. An Image relevant to your post must be attached.

4. Articles submitted without following these rules will not be accepted and the author will not be allowed to do guest posting again at Husher .

Getting Started: 

1. Prepare a post on any of the categories mentioned below:

Tech Updates, Mobile Phone, Smart Phone or Tablet Reviews (Latest Phones only), Operating Systems (Either PC or Mobile OS), Laptops, Apps and Games (Of any Mobile OS) How to….(Only Tech related)

2. Check for grammatical errors in the post.

3. Register on this site and send an email to me (techdoze.net[@]gmail[.]com) with your registered username, so that I can add you as a Contributor.

4. Once you are added as a Contributor, submit the article with a relevant image for review.

5. If your article is approved, you must actively participate in replying to the comments posted on your article. If you fail to do this, the links from your Guest Post will be removed and next time your posts will be rejected.

6. Once you submit the post and it gets approved, the post becomes the property of Husher and cannot be reproduced or posted on other sites. You also cannot demand to take down (delete) the post.

Apply to become an Elite Contributor:

You can also apply to become an Elite Contributor on our site. Below are the benefits and requirements for the position of an Elite Contributor:

Benefits of Elite Contributor:

1. You get dofollow* links

2. You can get a link inside the post body.

* Dofollow links will be activated when you submit your second post for review.

Requirements for being an Elite Contributor:

1. You need to submit at least 5 Guest Posts a month.

Nothing more……….. :)

If you wish to apply to become an Elite Contributor, please specify it in the email.

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