iWatch – The Apple Failwatch

Apple has failed to demystify the concept of the smartwatch and reduced it to an overpriced ringtone. Besides the two new smartphones, Apple has this year presented us with a (revolutionary) pay service, … [Read More...]


iPhone 6 – The Biggest iPhone So Far

For the first time Apple presented two different sized models in the same generation, and iPhone 6 Plus makes the iPhone look like a waste of money. Even though the hype didn't quite reach the heights of the … [Read More...]


Best SmartPens for 2015

Just because technology can be inconvenient and sometimes banned, it doesn’t mean you should go back to the old fashioned pen and paper. It doesn't matter if you go to school, if you're a college student, a … [Read More...]


Best Warm Mist Humidifier for 2014

The cold season makes it clearer than ever that a humidifier could solve many inconveniences, allowing us to live in more comfortable and healthier environment.  If you want to sleep like baby and eliminate … [Read More...]

micro switch

Design and Uses of the Micro Switch

Also commonly known as the miniature snap-action switch, the very first Micro Switch was developed in 1932 by Peter McGall in Illinois. In 1937 he created the Micro Switch Company, which was bought out by … [Read More...]