Cool Rotating Orbit Clock

If a regular wall clock simply doesn't cut it for you, and a digital one is not 'modern' enough for you, there are other clocks out there that can satisfy your geeky needs. Enter Orbits Clock – every space … [Read More...]

htc one m9

Top 5 Best HTC One M9 Cases

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Top 5 Best Android Racing Games

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Apple Watch: Reinventing time

Apple Watch is the smartwatch that doubles as a phone and can send/read messages. Costing over 10.000$ (for the solid gold model) this is the most expensive, serial device produced by Apple. But do not panic, … [Read More...]

Beam Smart projector

Beam Smart Projector

A smartphone with a micro projector embedded has been somewhat of an elusive dream ever since the first iPhone. With every new smartphone on the market, the media run rampant telling stories how we’re finally … [Read More...]

fitness apps

Best Workout Apps 2015

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USB Powered E-Mail Notifier

USB Powered E-Mail Notifier

Technology is always looking for new ways to increase people's productivity and help them with their everyday activities. However, there are some tech gadgets out there that are simply odd and bizarre, like … [Read More...]